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Are you searching for the perfect match between your technology and the right test facility?

Then this five-part Inn2POWER webinar series is undoubtedly something for you! We take you through the North Sea Region and let you discover each time three excellent test facilities.
Searching for the perfect wave facility to test your technology? Then mark 18 November in your agenda! During this second webinar we make a stop at these wave basins and wave flumes:
  • 'Coastal and ocean wave basin' & 'multidirectional wave basin' of FHR, UGent & KU Leuven (BE)
  • The 'large wave flume' of the University of Hannover (Ludwig-Franzius-Institut) (DE)
  • The 'wave flume' of Ocean Grazers & University of Groningen (NL)
The test facility operators will take you through their test facility and share all their expertise. 

One week after the webinar, on Wednesday 25 November at 10.00 CEST, our operators will be available to personally answer all your questions via Zoom breakout sessions. So, discuss your project with the test facility operators, no matter what stage it is in!

Wednesday 18 November 2020, 10.00 CEST

Hosting by
POM West-Vlaanderen

40 minutes

Personal advice one week after the webinar
On Wednesday 25 November, the operators will be available for your questions via Zoom breakout sessions.
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